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Throwback Thursday: "All Of The People" - Panama Wedding



Throwback Thursday: "All Of The People" - Panama Wedding

Johann Porisch

Last July, New York based electro pop group Panama Wedding released their debut single "All Of The People," to eager listeners. Over the last nine months, the song has garnered 660k+ plays on SoundCloud. Not a minor feat for frontman Peter Kirk, who played his first show at DIY venue in east Brooklyn, to one fan, just a short time ago. A classically trained pianist, Kirk experimented in the studio for two years every day after work. The result is a beautiful mix of pop, adult-contemporary and electronic music. 

"All Of The People" is an uptempo track featuring 80's synth, driving electronic drums and layered vocals. If this EXXXENTIAL doesn't make you want to dance, you're missing out. Trust me.

Look out for Panama Wedding's debut EP Parallel Play, set to be released June 3rd. If you like what you hear, give them a follow on Twitter and SoundCloud

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For those who want to dig a little deeper, I have included two remixes of "All of Me" and the creatively done lyric video, below.