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Infectious Beats

Daniel Keith

The first track ready to infect you this week is not exactly a new one. If you have seen or heard a Kaskade set in the past year, chances are this one will sound familiar. 

It has been streaming on the SC for 8 months, but its just now available for fans to purchase, via Kaskade announced this via Twitter earlier this week, in a mini-rant of 16 tweets. Apparently it has been a frustrating process getting the right people to sign the right to get this one released. That does not make a ton of sense to me, since Kaskade is seen by many as the godfather of our genre, who wouldn't want him pitching a track with your material in it? At the end of his rant Kaskade asks for support for the track, but not for the money.

"I want the people who watch the charts and live and die by these numbers to know that real music can be heard too." -Kaskade

That comment is overtly cocky, but it raises an interesting questions. What does Kaskade consider to be 'non-real music'? It would love to see a weekly top-ten list from him of just that. Kaskade can certainly get away with that kind of comment, all 16 tweets pertaining to this song release can be found on his Tumblr page. 

Next this week, we have two previews of tracks that are gonna be pretty hot for a while when they drop. This first one is available on July 14th. 

TST, Moguai, and Amba Shepherd nailed it with this collaboration, upbeat energy and a beautiful vocal track make this an instant add to my EXXXENTIALS playlist. 

The last track immediately caught my ear when I heard it on Koyu's Bongbastic this week. Anyone who knows someone into PLUR can immediately see the draw of this track, 'PLUR Warriors'.

Out on July 21st, this one is going to be heavily remixed, and dropped like a bomb at festivals till winter. If you can't get enough Infectious Beats, check out these podcast episodes. Tritonia 055 and Panda Waves #11. 

Throwback Thursday

Daniel Keith

The week of July 4th, the epitome of summer, when the need for THE best music available is never higher. Lets remember what was popular this week in previous years for a moment. In 2010, Gaga fever was in full effect, 'Alejandro' was top of the dance charts, and Lady G had just release the music video, which proved to be the weirdest 8-minutes of our lives thus far. By 2012, things were better when it was 'Titanium' from David Guetta. Which is still being remixed as late as this year, via White Panda in 'Bearly Legal'. At this moment in 2014, Billboard still has 'Summer' from Calvin Harris on top, since we have played that here recently, we turn to the Beatport chart #1 overall track for this gem. 

If you hated the original, or just hated that you loved it, Botnek says what you never could to that #selfie bitch. Even people who claim to love the original will appreciate this one, or they will at least pretend like it for a while. For the non-novelty recommendation this week, we are throwing it back to a later release from 2012, 'ALL DAY' from musical genius Greg Gillis, aka Girl Talk. It is an hour long, continuous mix, sampling 50 Cent, Beastie Boys, Blue Oyster Cult, and Beyonce. You can find the whole list of sampled artists, and download the whole thing for free here, Or stream it from YouTube below. It is a staff favorite here, quintessentially EXXXENTIAL. appy Independence Day.