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Nashville, TN

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Infectious Beats #5

Daniel Keith

Five very ethereal tracks I just can't stop listening too this week. If you let them, each one will take you away to a different state of mind and body. Get your best headphones or turn up the volume to 11. After you push play you won't hardly believe its real life when your feet never touch the ground. 

Feel Good Friday: The White Panda

Daniel Keith

The final release from the White Panda this week is surely the best. The vocals from 'Hide & Seek' with the instrumentals from Audien's 'Pompeii' make for a powerful throwback track. It's a real feel good track, even if you didn't listen to the Imogen Heap original 67 times in a row that first time you got stoned in college.

To complete this Friday we are staying with the White Panda theme, and going with 'Versus' the original mixtape from the Chi-town duo. 'Versus' came out in 2009, and was followed by 'Rematch', 'Pandamonium', 'Bambooyah', and 'Bearly Legal' in 2013. Each of those albums marked a significant progression to the White Panda style, for me the first album is just as good as the last. The energy is peaked from track one on 'Versus' and carries through for the rest of the hour. has all of the albums available for free to download. The White Panda announced earlier this year that they were trying to produce more originals and collab tracks, which has been great. I'm in the camp hoping they don't neglect their roots and keep giving us these awesome mix-tapes.